Fiesta at the Forge
The Cuban Jam

Cuban Mela: Sambroso All Stars at The Forge (22nd November) - LondonJazz News

The full house of curious jazz lovers and Cuban music apasionados was still jumping with thrilling enthusiasm after six hours of cuban, jazz and collective music improvisation at the Cuban Mela LJF party. Justin Thurgur on trombone opened the day with his London tribe of musicians presenting a new jazz cuban afro sounding project. Nick Smart followed on the buzzing stage with his skilled sextet, including Cuban Londoners fellow musicians, unveiling the fruits of twenty years of musical collaborations (check out the CD Tower Casa on Babel). Rumba master Gerardo de Armas was then joined on stage by Gary Crosby, Denys Baptiste and Jonathan Idiagbonya for some high energy experimentations that burst into a huge jam with many Cuban musos in the house joining on stage. The rising climax was carried on by skillful cuban violin doyen Omar Puente who put his signature on an excellent grand finale. Lets hope Sambroso will delight us with more of these epic music events soon....and I hope it isn't too long before he does! (Gaia Saccomanno)